Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Art of Reading. Magic.

". . .at night the atmosphere changes. Sounds become muffled, thoughts become louder . . . time seems closer to that moment halfway between wakefulness and sleep . . . the books become the real presence and it is I, their reader, who, through cabbalistic rituals of half-glimpsed letters, am summoned up and lured to a certain volume and a certain page".

Alberto Manguel, The Library at Night.


Jaja said...

it captures that mood perfectly.
Away from family for the first time for christmas. In a deserted university town in this English home county, I keep returning to the pages; I cant look out the window too long, it gets dark too quickly, too suddenly.

I hope you are having a wonderful time this season. I much enjoy your essays...

JD said...

Merry Christmas, Eshu and a wonderful New Year!!!

Id it is said...

Reading is magical no doubt! The ultimate escape; a hideout where none other than you can find yourself.
Seasons Greetings to you Eshu! May you find yourself engrossed in several such 'magical' realms...
and do share them with us at some point, hehe

Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

Excellent passage . . . and even true. I know the feeling exactly, precisely. It's the sense that one gets of written words read late at night, not early in the morning, though I am an early-morning blogger.

I'll have to read more of Manguel.

Incidentally . . . Merry Christmas again.

Jeffery Hodges

* * *

Eshuneutics said...

Hello, Jaja, yes the nights fall quickly. I hope you too have a fortunate 2009.Keep turning those pages and I hope that things in the south brighten soon for you.

Greetings, iditis, wishing you many warm filled reading hours for the future.

Jude, peace to you and all the very best for a rich, word-filled 2009.

HJH, I think there s probably hidden wisdom in being an early morning blogger. Keep dipping into your word-hoard in 2009. Best wishes.