Friday, September 01, 2006


Probably, we all have objects that irritate us personally. Mine would be the mobile phone and its omnipresence in daily life. I was surprised to see a prologue to Heading South which read, in cosmic letters, PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR MOBILE PHONES AND THINK OF OTHERS BECAUSE RINGING PHONES SPOIL THE FILM FOR THEM. It hadn’t even occurred to me to bring my mobile phone. Who did I want to talk to? But having said this, walking phones and mobile people do have their moments. In a world of respectability (without respect) they have a wonderful way of cracking open life’s surface. Nothing like the mobile phone to show the static nature of the human mind!

Scene. A bookshop. A father is talking pompously to his son/daughter about University choices.

Going to university is very important, you know, such a privilege!
Yes, I am in the bookshop.
So, which offer do you think you will accept?
Well, I am checking it out now.
(For five minutes he has been sat reading An Introduction to Philosophy).Are you sure about Philosophy?
It doesn’t seem like a real subject to me.
Isn’t it one of those sort of padding subjects, you know, one that other people do to make up their A Levels?
Don’t you think Psychology would be the better option?
I mean, Psychology is all about the brain.
Employers…you have to think about that…always want people with brains.
I’ve looked at some Psychology books and it looks hard, like a real subject.
You still want to do Philosophy.
Don’t you think you’re brighter than that though?
But one goes to university to stretch one’s mind.
This Philosophy stuff won’t teach you to think.
Wait until I get home!

“Whereof we cannot speak, thereof we must pass over in silence.”


Unsane said...

ha! But you DID speak of it!

eshuneutics said...

Damn! Caught out again! Touche.

Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

This is a great, unintentionally hilarious dialogue. I particularly like the remark "This Philosophy stuff won't teach you to think."

It's precisely what taught me to think.

Jeffery Hodges

* * *

eshuneutics said...

This made shopping easy...I could chuckle my way around the supermarkets afterwards. It really was like art crossing over into life... was I in a Stoppard or Beckettian farce and not realising it? Glad it gave you some light relief from the new semester.

Id it is said...

Funny, no doubt; some eye opening dialectic.
Where ignorance is bliss,"we must pass over in silence.”

Andy said...

Agree with your thoughts on mobile phones completley:) Thankyou for the comments; yes I do write poetry, a couple are now on my blog:)

hope to hear feedback:)